To promote youth and families through education, health, housing sustainability and the arts, primarily within the Las Vegas Valley. Our primary focus is at risk, disabled and underserved populations.

Education grants will include organizations that provide services with a focus on education, mentoring programs, after school programs and sports.

Health grants will include organizations with programs that promote physical, medical and mental health. Grants will also be given for medical research.

Housing grants will include organizations that provide housing for veterans and at risk populations.

Arts grants will include organizations that provide programs related to music, theater, art, creative writing, and dance programs.


We are passionate about giving and making a difference. Our grant making efforts are aimed at allocating our resources where they will make the most impact and do the most good.

In evaluating applications for annual grants, we focus on several important areas. We are interested in programs with clear connections between mission, vision, and how the objectives of the organization are met.


Assess Eligibility/Grant Guidelines

Submit an Application

Application Review


Letter of Inquiry must be received by AUGUST 1st for DECEMBER 31st funding.

Assess Eligibility

An applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Be tax exempt under section 501 C3 of the internal revenue service code or have a fiscal sponsor that has a 501(c)(3) status and provides written authorization confirming its willingness to act as the fiscal sponsor.
  • Engage in work that aligns with the foundations funding interest and priorities (please read our grant guidelines to understand our funding interest).

Submit an Application

Letter of Inquiry:
A letter of inquiry must proceed a formal grant proposal. The purpose of a letter of inquiry is determined if an organization and its proposal fit within the foundations eligibility guidelines before the organization expends the resources to put together a full proposal.

The letter of inquiry narrative should be limited to 250 words not including the current 501(c)(3) letter. This submission should include:

  • Information about your organization’s mission activities and annual budget
  • Region and population served
  • Total amount requested from foundation and how funds are to be used
  • Project needs, goals and leadership

The letter of inquiry will be reviewed and prospective applicants will be notified of the results. Those encouraged to submit proposals will receive further guidance concerning grant application.

Application Review

All grant applications will be collected together and reviewed by the foundation. There may be some questions from us if we need to understand the elements of your grant application. After the review is complete, we will select the grant applications that will be funded.

Depending on the grant cycle, our goal is to issue grants either by June 30 or December 31.